About KCM, Inc. Property Management

Serving Rancho Cordova, Sacramento County, and Northern California

KCM Inc., is a commercial real estate property management company owned by Judy Cruz. Ms. Cruz is a licensed real estate broker with 30+ years of experience in the industry. In 1985, Judy began her career working in real estate development. In 1990 she added construction management to her resume. As a natural progression, in 2000, Judy joined KCM, Inc. as a property manager and quickly became a partner. In 2005, she became the sole owner. It is with the same tenacity and dedication she continues to run her company, which has brought KCM, Inc. to the Sacramento Business Journal’s TOP 25 List for many years!

Judy prides herself on making certain that both she and her team learn the property owner’s needs and vision. She incorporates these needs and vision into a managerial plan that best suits the property, while understanding that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone and isn’t the trademark of a good business leader.

Judy’s guiding principles behind KCM, Inc. are best defined by the words integrity, honesty and loyalty. Her core values and moral compass carry through in both her business and personal lives, always displaying empathy, social responsibility, generosity of spirit and charity as expressed in her compassion and philanthropy.

For more information about our property management portfolio or our services, please contact KCM, Inc. at 916-638-3890 today.

For more information about our property management services, our property portfolio or for questions, please contact us at 916-638-3890 today.